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A Gentry
Family Tree


Descendancy Charts (pdf) for

A. Nicholas-I Gentry
of New Kent County, Virginia
and the descendants of his sons

B. Joseph-II Gentry

    (November 2021)

C. Samuel-II Gentry

    (November 2021)

D. Nicholas-II Gentry

    (November 2021)

E. James-II Gentry

    (November 2021)

F. David-II Gentry

    (November 2021)

Supplemental Chart of
Five Generations of Descendants of
H. John Gentry

     (December 2014)

of Essex, England


WARNING. The Editor of the Journal of Gentry Genealogy believes that these charts are correct for the most part but unquestionably there may be errors present. The relationships displayed are speculative in places. In particular, the order of children in a family may be inaccurate and in many cases their dates of birth are approximate.

Please contact the Editor to report errors whether they be typographical or factual or to suggest proposals for different relationships.

NOTE. Do not use cached copies -- there have been revisions to the files from time to time.